Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Perks?
    The Perks program is a special way for us to give back and say thank you to our guests. There is no card to carry or scan to get the sales price and you never have to clip paper coupons again. With Perks you get exclusive sale information, thank you gifts, surprise discounts at the register and rewards just for shopping with us.
  • How do I become a member of Perks?

        1. Sign up at the register. Tell the checker that you would like to become a Perks member, give the checker
        your phone number and then go home and complete your profile online here.
        2. Sign up at the service desk - simply fill out a brochure or talk to our helpful and friendly staff.
        3. Visit our website, to sign up today or view your profile.
  • Do I have to be a Perks member to shop in the store and get your everyday sale prices?
    No, you do not. Perks is just a benefit, not a requirement. You are guaranteed to get our everyday low sale prices every time you walk into our store, whether you are a Perks member or not.
  • I don't have access to a computer, how can I register?
    If you do not have access to a computer at home, visit the service desk and they will be happy to help you.
  • How many emails will I receive each week if I sign up for Perks?
    As a member of the program you will receive one email per week with sale items and other promotions. You will periodically receive other emails making you aware of special time sensitive sales, events or recall info. You will also receive an email any time you earn a Perks offer.
  • Can each family member have their own Perks account?
    Yes, each family member can be a Perks member. The best way to do this is sign up one family member, the person that will be the primary account holder. You can add other family members to the account under secondary users.
  • How many Perks cards do I get when I sign up?
    When signing up you will not be getting a card because the Perks program does not have a physical card. If you sign up for the program at the check stand you will be given a temporary registration card that can be thrown away once your profile has been completed. Your phone number is all you need during checkout to get the additional savings and discounts.
  • How does the Perks Points program work?
    Perks Points is a monthly program that will accumulate as you shop. You will earn points for every dollar spent. This excludes the purchase of prescriptions, fuel, money orders and gift cards. On the first of each month you will receive your wallet credit if you have earned enough points during the month. Be sure to give us your current email address so you won’t miss out on being notified of your wallet credits! Wallet credits are good for the entire month and will expire on the first of the following month.
  • How many Perks points do I need each month to earn a wallet credit?
    For every purchase you make you will earn points, everything from the deli to your meal planning. To earn your wallet credit here are the points thresholds:
        Spend $500 to $799 to earn $5.00
        Spend $800 to $1199 to earn $10.00
        Spend $1200 to $1499 to earn $12.50
        Spend $1500 up to earn $15.00
  • What is the Perks digital wallet?

        1. Your cashier can tell you each time you shop, once your phone number is entered.
        2. Look at the bottom of your receipt - there is an up-to-date balance.
        3. Go online here and view your balance.
        4. Log into your account on our website or using our ShopperRadar app.
  • Can I "cash out" my Perks digital wallet balance?
    Think of your Perks digital wallet as your own in-store savings account, you cannot be given cash from the account, but you can spend your balance on anything in the store except tobacco, alcohol, money orders, fuel and gift cards.
  • What can I spend my Perks digital wallet balance on?
    Your Perks digital wallet balance can be spent on anything in the store except tobacco, alcohol, money orders, fuel and gift cards.
  • Can I use a portion of my Perks digital wallet, or do I need to spend it all at one time?
    That's another cool feature of the Perks digital wallet - spend it all at one time, or just a little at a time - it's your choice and under your control. Just make sure to use it before it expires.
  • When I redeem my Perks offers or my digital wallet balance, why do I have to show ID?
    For your protection we require ID when redeeming your savings from the Perks digital wallet. That way, no one can use their neighbor's phone number and redeem their neighbor's balance.
  • What does real time access to my receipts mean?
    You can log on to your Perks account anytime and see your receipts. Receipts are loaded to your online account about 15 minutes after your transaction in the store is complete.
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Kamas Perks isn’t another rewards program. It’s more like a thank you program. There’s no card, you don’t need to sign up to get our sale prices and you never have to clip coupons again. It’s just exclusive sale information, thank you gifts and surprise discounts at the register just for shopping with us. Sign up today and get:
    • Earn points towards free product
    • Digital coupons for additional
    • Additional savings on items you
    are buying everyday
    • Notifications about upcoming
    events, promotions and sales

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